Dad and Daughter Read

My daughter and I take turns reading classic children’s stories.

Episode 16 - The Bremen Town Musicians

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This time we're reading a popular fairy tale about the adventure that four animal friends have on their way to Bremen. Theme music: Komiku; Background: Wistful Harp by Andrew Huang; sound effects from | Follow us on Twitter @readonpodcast

The Adventures of Squirrel Fluffytail - Live @ Comicpalooza 2019

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This one's going to be a bit different than our usual podcast. It's live at Comicpalooza in the kid's room so there's a lot of background noise and none of the usual editing. It's not perfect, but it was fun and we had a great adventure...just like the squirrel in our story. We'll be back soon with our usual format. Until then we hope you enjoy this one. | Say hi on Twitter @readonpodcast

Episode 3 - The Strange Little Baker

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This episode, just in time for Thanksgiving, we read about a strange little baker who teaches the village children about kindness. Theme and background music is by Komiku.
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