Dad and Daughter Read

My daughter and I take turns reading classic children’s stories.

Episode 16 - The Bremen Town Musicians

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This time we're reading a popular fairy tale about the adventure that four animal friends have on their way to Bremen. Theme music: Komiku; Background: Wistful Harp by Andrew Huang; sound effects from | Follow us on Twitter @readonpodcast

Episode 14 - The Old Goat

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Today's tale is a silly story about a professor who is so much like a grumpy old goat that he...well you'll just have to listen to find out what happens to him. Theme music by Komiku. Background music is Blue Danube by Strauss. | Follow us on Twitter @readonpodcast

Episode 13 - Treasure Island

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Join us for an abridged, children's version of a story by Robert Louis Stevenson. It has pirates, treasure, and adventure
on the high seas. Yo ho ho, let's read on with Treasure Island! Theme music by Komiku with background music from the YouTube Audio Library and sound effects from CGEffex via | Follow us on Twitter @readonpodcast